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100 Limericks by Topo XXX To Be Released in Spring 2017

Scan 1Topo is an artist from the Silverlake neighborhood of Los Angeles, California whose black ink drawings were featured in Mohawk Bend’s inaugural event series Artists Worth Celebrating. He is often seen at local bars and watering holes drawing in note books while he enjoys a pint or two. He has amassed a large collection of drawings which he uses to illustrate very dirty limericks and the juxtaposition of his images with these crude limericks not only offers a subversive edge but humor as well.

KM Publishing is very excited to announce that a book of Topo’s Limericks distilled from nine volumes of drawings is in the works for release in spring 2017. For a preview of Topo’s drawings please see his Instagram @topodo and collaborative site Drawing Under the Influence.